•  we offer a FREE of charge guaranteed rent service to all landlords whiting our LONDON covering area.
    We offer you a fixed guaranteed monthly rent for 18 months to 5 years with no gaps, by letting the property to our exclusive list of register professionals with a small mark up which we charge to our tenants ..No Our land lords.
    We manage absolutely everything (free of charge).
     we only accommodate high standard working professionals, checked and register as members of our 101 estates: TENANT MEMBERSHIP, With monthly inspections to make sure the property is being well maintained and in most cases we have cleaners who attend the property fortnightly who follow and report to us the state of the property and condition Standards of living of the tenants.  


  •  Our team of experienced Agents is dedicated to providing a premium service to our Land lords. We take care of the hole process of finding and dealing with tenants , as well as questioning contracts , deposits , empty properties gaps and even possible legal issues or damages.
  • ​what makes 101 estates different from any other estate agent?

    we offer :
    -No HMO License Required
    –Very selected fully checked network of Professionals tenants,
    -No Charges to landlords
    - 100% Guaranteed rents offered paid in full on the due date every month with no exceptions
    - 18 months - 5 year leases, 
    - No void periods, 
    - No maintenance charges (100% FULL COVER BY US)
    - Rent payable in advance 
    - Property can be let in the same day.
    -24/7 Home emergency call out number for tenants. 
    -Covers to main heating system, plumbing and drains, power, toilets, security and lost keys
    -No matter whether the property is tenanted or vacant we pay your rent on the agreed date. 
    -Managed eviction process and cover for eviction costs 
  • Many landlords prefer tenants who are professionals so we become your professional tenants. 



  • We provide a high calibre letting service to maximise rental yield and help create a seamless tenancy for our landlords. Having qualified and understood your individual requirements we are able to customise our approach and offer you a bespoke package to suit your needs, budget and time frame.

    We conduct a half yearly review with all our landlords to evaluate their portfolio and tenancies to ensure that we are helping to achieve maximum rental income and a seamless rental.

    Our property market insights give us the knowledge on what is happening to the rental market, in return we can advise you on a monthly basis on the rental price behaviours and trends in London.

    We have an extensive database of tenants from Corporate Employees, Government bodies to International Student studying at the top institutes in London.

    We offer a letting only, rent collection and a full property management service.

    In addition, if the tenant or someone connected to the tenant wishes to buy the property, we can assist with the sale on your behalf.